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Reset Your Password

Did you forget or lose your Password?
Were you never issued a Password?

Put a Shortcut on Your Device

Students: Please consider putting a shortcut link to the Auto Upkeep Academy on your device.

Auto Upkeep Shortcut Icon

ClassLink Password Locker

Teachers: If your school uses Classlink, ask your school’s IT Department to put a link on students’ “My Apps” screen. Then students can enter their Username/Email and Password once and save it in their Password Locker. This is the direct link to the Auto Upkeep Academy login page.

How to Log Into the Academy



To log in you must have one of the following:

Email Address

Let the green arrows guide you.

The green arrows will guide you.


"Sign In"

Look for the “Sign In” link in the top right corner of the Auto Upkeep Academy home page.

Sign In Magnified

STEP 2 – Click “Sign In”


"Username or Email and Password"

Enter the Username or Email Address associated with your account. If you were registered through a school, your instructor will give you your Username. If you don’t have a Password, click “Forgot Password”. Check Remember Me box ONLY if you are on your own personal computer.


STEP 3 – Enter “Username or Email Address”

STEP 3 – Enter “Username or Email Address”

STEP 3 – Enter “Username or Email Address”

STEP 3 – Enter “Username or Email Address”


"Log In"


STEP 4 – Click “Continue”

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