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As you complete the curriculum, you will receive different types of rewards. These include course badges, miles to travel to destinations, credits to purchase tools, trophies for perfect scores, and more.

Course Badges

To achieve a Course Badge you must complete all the Lessons and Topics in the course, but you don’t have to complete the activities, review, or test.


You are awarded miles for the following:

  • 10 Miles – Log in to the Auto Upkeep Academy (limited to 1 per day)
  • 25 Miles – Correctly Answer 1 Lesson/Topic Review


Miles Lead to Destinations

As you accumulate miles, destinations will be unlocked on your travel route. These include national parks, historical sites, and other locations. Your travel route will take you from Yellowstone National Park to Theodore Roosevelt National Park visiting 48 states and driving over 16,000 miles.



When you complete the Course Review Questions that are in a Column, you will receive Credits. Think of Credits as virtual money.

Travel Credit

Credits Allow You to Purchase Tools

As you accumulate credits, you can buy tools in the Tool Store.


Trophies are awarded when you receive a perfect score on the Course Test.

Vehicle Status

You start with a Shared Vehicle.

  • Complete 2 Courses to upgrade to your own Used Vehicle.
  • Complete 6 Courses to upgrade to a Newer Vehicle.
  • Complete 12 Courses to upgrade to a New Vehicle.
  • Complete 20 Courses to upgrade to the Ultimate Vehicle.
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